Femi Kuti: The paternity test story is old news

Femi Kuti

Afro Beat legend, Femi Kuti, has responded to the news story about a paternity test that he had conducted on his children and discovered that he was not the biological father to two of them. In an official statement through Chocolate City, he made it clear that the incident took place over 8 years ago.

According to the release, Encomium Magazine recently published an interview with Femi Kuti 8 years ago where he spoke about his music, career and personal life. During this interview he revealed that two of his 5 children were not his and that he had since making this discovery returned the children to their mother.

As such, the story is not recent. It will be recalled that some blogs went to town with this story and pictures of Femi’s legitimate children, giving the impression that those children were the affected ones.

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