Nigeria… Where do we go from here?

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As a nation, Nigerians has never been at a crucial point in our entire history than we are right now. We are at the cusp of a new dawn and there is no denying the fact that many things have changed between our last general elections and the next one. More than ever before, we are more aware of the happenings in our nation as collective citizens and ask more for change with every passing minute. We all have a short-term memory, so we easily move one when we should learn and it affects us as a nation.

Past Leaders

The issues that we have always talked about and condemned are still there and rearing their heads at every slight opportunity. Our Igbo brothers have refused to forget how they slaughtered massively in 1966 in Hausa and our Yoruba fathers still distrust their Igbo brothers. Hausa people have managed to take center stage with the spate of terrible happenings going on in their land.

It may be naive of me to think this way, but Obama didn’t insist on his running coming from the West Coast or that he has to be a certain religion even though the United States preaches freedom to worship whatever you like.

It is a totally different ball game here in our beloved country. We argue over the most inane things like why should Tinubu be Buhari’s running mate? Why can’t Obasanjo keep quiet? Why should Jonathan run again? Meanwhile, Doyin just can’t stop running his mouth and almost blaspheming in the process. I like the response of the President’s parody though.

We have refused to focus on what truly matters, e.g. Our educational system, and securing our lives and properties by watching each others back. We have resorted to bumbling our way through the week and partying our lives out during the weekends. We no longer demand for quality, we ask for quantity. More power supply for more hours of the day from PHCN (or DisCo) even if it is “low current”. We no longer care about strikes as long as we eventually graduate. We now listen to more shoki and wait for shekem to catch on just so we can dance away our sorrows.

Tribalism (which I will put in the same category as racism), nepotism, religion now play more roles than ever in our everyday life. I have asked myself if we really need a revolution and honestly, I am still not sure. A lot will be done away with but will they not end up like our previous coups which were supposed to be revolutions. They ended up doing more harm than good. No matter how much shout One Nigeria, can we really sustain it? We are so different and it is supposed to help us because we have manpower readily available but we do not trust the next person so we all act suspicious of the next person and that will not get us anywhere as a nation.

Even though Jonathan is no longer keeping to his promise not to run in 2015, we do hope somehow, someway, we will get the change we need. It may not be 2015 or even 2019 but eventually, I hope we get there. All that talk begins with the person you see when you hold a mirror to your face. Stop being biased and just let go of all prejudices (including private and public university bias). Learn Hausa, cultivate an Igbo friend, date a muslim woman. Move beyond your comfort zone. Learn to accommodate other people and know more about them. You just might be surprised about what you discover.

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