News Round-up: MMM, Buhari App, Don’t blame the govt, and other news

Guys, there’s a lot of stuff happening around us daily. Most times, we just go on our way, and these things just whiz by our heads. We miss a lot of breaking news, that’s what I’m saying. I’m sure the government would not want that; that’s why they made an Information App, guys.Therefore, as a concerned citizen of Nigeria, I have some of that news to share. Make sure you follow these links, and tell us your opinion in the comments section. Enjoy!

MMM: from Nigeria to Kenya with love

Popular money-making scheme (and everyone’s favorite butt of jokes) MMM has moved to Kenya from Nigeria. The Russian pyramid scheme, which had promised Nigerians a 30% interest rate for investment, had frozen all its accounts earlier this week. This has led their users in Nigeria, therefore, to panic. Now, however, they are moving to Kenya with a 40% interest rate. Hmm, guys, should we tell them? Get all the jist here.

Who wants a Buhari app?

Erm, while we were all twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the Federal Government to do some miracle and rescue Nigeria’s economy, they did something. The Ministry of Information came up with an app to serve as “the information hub of all developmental activities being carried out by the Buhari-led administration”. That’s okay, I guess. . . However, if they increase the price of data, will people still want to use the app? Read more at Read about this on Mobility Arena.

Don’t blame us – FG

Guys, here’s a thing to cheer you up. Do you know that the Federal government is not responsible for your hardship? Okay, that thought was not cheerful at all. I don’t get it, though. Does this mean, therefore, that we should not look up to them for answers? Well, let us hear your thoughts on this, Nigerians. Your government has nothing to do with the suffering you are going through. Interesting, indeed . . . The Punch has the scoop.

El-Rufai: Don’t blame Buhari

It seems that it is a season to not apportion blames, especially when it comes to government. In related news, Kaduna State governor Nasir El-Rufai has also said that Nigerians are unfair to blame Buhari for their woes. Hey, Naija people, find someone else to blame. Let us blame Goodluck Jonathan for the thing; at least the dollar wasn’t priced at N485. Yes, that’s a good idea. Blame it on Goodluck. Or the rain. or the harmattan. Or blame yourselves. Read more at the Daily Trust.

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