Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, MobilityArena: Photocopy Is Not Easy

How do you stand out in a crowded market that already has a clear leader? Mister Mo uses market leaders, Nairaland, Linda Ikeji and MobilityArena as muses.

A member of my team drew my attention to another tech blog that is an attempt at a rip-off of We have a long list of such blogs. We are flattered by the imitations that keep springing up year by year. I am an advocate of more tech blogs…more everything.. well, except churches and mosques. We have more than enough of those already. But I digress.

I am an advocate of more. Nigeria needs more of everything productive. What irks is the blatant attempts at duplicating what already exists without any value addition. The result is often an army of lookalikes that offer people nothing unique, nothing extra, no USP (unique selling point).

Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, MobilityArena - duplicates

Think of Nairaland. The story of Nairaland’s phenomenal success has been told again and again. There is an army of forums that have been setup after the likeness of Nairaland. yet, till today, Nairaland’s position is unchallenged. I know that it doesn’t all boil down to the photocopy factor, but that is a huge factor.

And then, there is Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Linda’s blog is a runaway success that is discussed both by those who read it and those who do not. Like Nairaland, Linda Ikeji’s blog is not just a Nigerian sensation. It is an African one too. It is no news that the success of Linda has spawned a horde of gossip blogs that have almost all taken to her style and modus operandi. Till now, none of them has come close.

Closer home is MobilityArena, the mobile review blog I started in 2008. It quickly grew to be the largest not just in Nigeria but on the African continent. Various tech blogs with a focus on mobile phones have sprung up over the years – and that is a great thing. What is not so great is also how there are lots of duplicates. Some go as far as lifting MobilityArena articles and reproducing word for word, image for image. And none has come close to replicating our success.

What Is Your USP?

Years ago, I insisted that tech news is not MobilityArena’s thing. Our focus is to get our hands on gadgets and review. Not theoretical work. Write about hands-on time and experience with gadgets and help users with information to make the best of their smartphones. I remember certain individuals who called me out on that. MobilityArena is still here and doing fine. We are known for something. We are not just another tech blog pushing out the same stuff that others are pushing out.

Photocopy Works

Photocopy works if being a blip in the crowd is what you are after. But if you want to stand out, find a USP and polish it well. Copying a few features and ideas isn’t bad. But to stand out in a crowded market that already has a clear leader, you have to be known for something. Your brand must have a unique selling point. You need a distinct voice. Don’t just be another gossip blog, another forum, another tech blog, another bank.

Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, MobilityArena: Photocopy Is Not Easy
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Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, MobilityArena: Photocopy Is Not Easy
How do you stand out in a crowded market that already has a clear leader? Mister Mo uses market leaders, Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, and MobilityArena as muses.
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3 thoughts on “Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, MobilityArena: Photocopy Is Not Easy

  1. Keep on doing what you know best. Because your dream was original, your passion will sustain it and you will be vindicated.

  2. Imitation is the fastest way to start off – Anonymous

    This may all boil down to what the vision for setting up a blog is.

    Some do it just for the passion (impartation of knowledge / information), some just to make a quick buck and close shop, some for posterity. You could set up a blog to shore up your personal brand, then close it down later..

    OFTEN, you have to get moving first, before you can accelerate. You don’t necessarily need a USB from word GO. Get moving, FIRST.

    That you have petrol filling stations everywhere doesn’t stop you setting up your own filling station, and even copying their physical structural layout. Having embraced, you can then extend.The key question is, is there a big enough market?

    Everyone cannot be unique or have a Unique Selling point. There are hundreds of millions of blogs and just a few NairaLands or Mobility Blog that stand out, but the presence of the lion in the forest doesn’t stop the termite from cohabiting right there. !

    Japan used to be derided as a country of. poor products, copying others. Today, the story is different.

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