Muslims protest Trump ban, Buhari hater in a coma, Pawpaw launches record label

Hello, guys, welcome to another awesome week. There’s a lot of stuff that happened during the weekend. Let’s get to it, shall we? Okay. Did you hear about Donald Trump’s immigration ban on 7 Muslim countries? That happened last week. That’s just the beginning of what many people have described as the “reign of terror”.

Muslims protest Donald Trump’s immigration ban

Well, you can ban Muslims from Syria from entering the US, but you cannot ban Muslims in the US from protesting against your ban. That’s what a huge crowd of people did at Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Texas. Loads of Muslim folks trooped to the airport to pray; this was a protest on Donald Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from seven countries. Well, some people did not feel like this was a good idea; however, they did show their displeasure with the ban. Furthermore, attorney-generals of 16 US states have condemned the ban. Donald Trump, are you watching?

Taxi driver gets knocked into a coma for speaking against the president

Let’s look at something a bit closer to home. Have you heard the rumor about President Buhari’s death? Apparently, some people want him dead. A taxi driver in Delta State decided to make his feelings known on the matter. He unwisely said that very thought out loud; unfortunately for him, however, there were some passengers in his taxi that were of northern extraction. Well, to cut the long story short, our taxi driver got bitch-slapped into a coma. Hopefully he learnt the value of discretion. Furthermore, members of this dude’s family came to the hospital to protest this act. However, they couldn’t get at the guys who put their bro in the hospital. Well, President Buhari sure has haters in the country; however, his supporters are just as many.

Pawpaw launches a record label

Osita Iheme (MFR), aka Pawpaw, has decided to try his hand at music. The veteran actor has launched a record label, known as Young Boss Records. Furthermore, he has already signed two artistes. This is great news, guys; one of the most celebrated actors of our time wants to show us that his expertise does not lie in acting alone. Well, let’s watch out for his album; I’m sure it’s going to be out soon. However, I’m just afraid; most Nigerian actors and actresses that ventured into music didn’t really make it big there. Let’s see about this one, shall we?



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