Much ado about Pogba?

In 2012, a certain Paul Pogba was sent to Juventus from Manchester United on a free transfer.  This stuff happened after the young man had bitterly complained of a lack of playing time. Now look, there’s hot news: since the year he joined Juventus, Pogba has been instrumental in their coup of 4 consecutive Serie A trophies. He has scored goals, created assists, covered the defence, you know, just been a good boy.

Now the dude has seen his value skyrocket; Manchester United want him back, and a host of other clubs like Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris St Germain want him too. Damn, everybody wants to sign the guy. But not so fast, says Juventus; you might have him for 120 million euros. Might, I said. No guarantees. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem for some of these clubs; Real Madrid could probably buy the entire Juventus squad and barely feel a thing. But Pogba decided to join in the fun: he asked for 14 million a year, and the whole deal would eventually cost about 250 million.

I’m not so good at math, but I kind of noticed that 250 million euros was mentioned in the previous paragraph. Guys, that is like the GDP of a small country; it could stop the economic situation in Zimbabwe, amongst many other things. What is the world becoming nowadays? We are witnessing the sale of one good player (who was not even the best player in his position on the French national team) being sold for the price of TEN equally good players. That money could buy a whole team. And I’m not kidding; West Bromwich Albion is being sold right now to a Chinese billionaire for 150 million euros. Not bad at all.

But then, should Pogba even bother leaving Juventus? There he has just one duty, and he does it perfectly. The whole team is not built around him, which is fine, considering his performance in the Euro 2016; if you pin your hopes on him, you might lose. Unfortunately, Manchester United plan on doing that very thing. I’m not sorry for them; they let him go in the first place. So I think Pogba is better off at Juventus; if not for that one fact, then for the fact that he costs more than a whole Premier League club, which does not even make sense.

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