Mr & Mrs: A few things about getting the Big O

Here are a few bits of information that will help any couple having trouble with achieving the Big O improve their experiences together.

  1. Men are able to climax without any feelings of love and romance. The male O is more of a reaction to physical stimulus than anything else. Enough friction from thrusting and the average man will climax. It is very easy for a man to climax.
  2. For men who have trouble with premature ejaculation, a good idea is to slow down as the pressure mounts. If necessary, pull out while pleasuring your woman in other ways and then you can go back in later. Repeat as often as you need to. Sometimes, it is the mind that needs working on too.
  3. In contrast, the Big O is harder to attain for many women. More often than not, a woman has to learn to climax. Yes; I said it. It has to be learnt, because for most women, it doesn’t come automatically. It is not just a question of responding to physical stimulus as it is with men
  4. A woman’s chances of getting the Big O increases when she feels loved and wanted. But that isn’t the only factor. Contrary to popular wisdom that men are 100% responsible for their women attaining or not attaining an O, the truth is that it is more dependent on the woman herself than the man.
  5. A woman needs to know her body, know what turns her on, where she needs to be touched, what drives her into a frenzy, etc, to enjoy regular Os. As much as many malign masturbation, it is a very healthy, positive tool for this process of self-discovery. She has to discover herself, then communicate her findings with her partner so he knows what to do to give her awesome experiences.
  6. The mind is the most powerful tool here. The woman who will enjoy the best experiences in bed is the one who liberates her mind and explores with it.
  7. Multiple Os are a real thing. It is a fact that some women have as much as 12 Os in a romp.
  8. However, if a woman takes a lot of time to climax, it reduces her chances of attaining multiple Os. Both herself and her man will be already worn out from the tedious process of getting just one O. Multiple Os are a pipe dream in this scenario. But if a woman’s mind is liberated and she knows herself – and her man is in sync with her, getting an O shouldn’t take too long, and then multiple Os are easier.

I am no expert on this matter (though Mayor’s Dame says I have a Ph.D in the field), but I do have years of talking to people and a little bit of *cough!* *cough!!* experience myself. Maybe there are some exceptions to some of the stuff I have shared above, but for the most part, you will be on the right track following them. I wish you all the best with those romps! Go have fun, people.


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