Movie Review: Three Wise Men – or One Wise Man

Nollywood was quite busy in the year 2016. The movie, “Three Wise Men”, is one of such that would make 2016 memorable. Directed by the renowned producer, Opa Williams. It features three stars – Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), Victor Olaotan and Zack Orji – as the central characters of the plot. Tina Mba is also a delight in the movie, where she is Zack’s wife.

Three Wise Men movie

The Plot Of Three Wise Men

The story line basically showed elderly men in their 60’s trying to live the “in Vogue” life after retiring and collecting their pensions. The funkiest of them all, the bad boy of the gang, was RMD. He had a plan on exactly how he wanted to spend his retirement benefits. His friends, on the other hand, didn’t have a plan. Hence, they were soon swayed into spend it on the good things of life.

The movie proceeded to unveil how well each of these old men fared in the journey of excitement and lavish living that they embarked on. This movie is a must for everyone especially the ones nearing retirement amongst us. You wouldn’t want your benefits to be #onpoint for the baes and boos on the street; would you?

One Wise Man; Two Foolish Men

Three Wise Men is a story of one wise man and two foolish men. One man knew exactly what he wanted to do with his retirement money and knew the rules of the game. The other two, while they played safe, had no plans at all and ended up getting into a game that they did not have a good grasp of. Both of them got burnt.

But, here’s the deal: do not play a game or get into an endeavour that you have not taken the time to understand the rules. Don’t be neither hot or cold either. If you want to play, get in the damn game properly and play – like RMD did.

Great Comedy

Three Wise Men is a great comedy. Like all great comedies, there is a lot of exaggeration. From RMD’s attempt at hip dressing and social media savvy, to Victor’s pidgin (if we can call it pidgin at all), to Tina Mba’s super spiritual theatrics, it is all about having a good laugh.

You are also sure to laugh your head off watching how each man handles his character, spouse, desires and emotions, especially with their side women.

Lame Ending

What one does not however understand is why the producers decided to end it on a serious, religious tone. An attempt at evangelism? If so, it is a poor one. The movie would be better off not ending the way it did. The producers tried too much. Flipping a comedy all of a sudden into a sober sermon was a stretch. And there at the very end, the movie faltered and hit its lowest spot.

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