Movie Review: The Wedding Party

I must say it again: Nollywood is definitely going to make Nigeria great. Just when you think you have seen it all in a Nigerian movie, you see The Wedding Party and your faith is renewed in our movie industry.

The Wedding Party is a movie directed by Kemi Adetiba, an award-winning filmmaker and New York Film School alumnus. And it simply reflects on the things that goes on in making a typical Naija wedding. The arrangements, the planners, the possible disdain between parents of the couple and even down to the ewa goyin served. The producers and actors killed it.

the wedding party movie

If you think Nigerians don’t have the sort of class that we see in big shot Hollywood movies, you should see The Wedding Party. Ireti Doyle, who played the groom’s mother, reminded me of Meryl Streep in “Devil Wears Prada”.

That aristocratic arrogance that comes with having more money than you can spend. And it wasn’t just the arrogance that she nailed, it was also the poise, the carriage, and even the language. The use of old English that only comes from having old money. I was quite impressed.

And oh, the movie had its plot and twists nicely done. There wasn’t a scene that felt unnecessary or out of place. I shed a few tears and almost jumped out of my seat laughing at different times. All in all, it was worth the ticket, popcorn and crêpes I paid for to watch it. You should watch it too.

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