Microsoft 4Afrika initiative partners AfriLab (DEMO Africa 2014 roundup)

microsoft 4afrika

Microsoft 4Afrika also chose the DEMO Africa 2014 moment to announce a new Collaboration Challenge with AfriLabs to increase knowledge sharing across the hub network in Africa and spur innovation. The challenge, officially launched at this year’s DEMO Africa event, is tasking hub members with proposing and delivering an activity, process or tool that fosters collaboration within theAfriLabs network.

AfriLabs’ core function is to facilitate collaboration, which requires the right platforms, mechanisms and incentives for hubs and their teams to share information and dialogue.

The winning solution will receive $15,000 from Microsoft and technical support to develop it. The hubs within the AfriLabs network will be provided with a more efficient way to learn from each other’s best practices and build more sustainable models.

Annie Njenga, Innovation Hubs Manager for Microsoft tells it that “Collaboration fuels innovation. It encourages people to learn from each other and build on better and bigger ideas. Innovation hubs give developers a collaborative space where organisations can assist them with the technical and business skills needed to get their businesses off the ground. They bring different people together who otherwise would never have met, and create successful companies that strengthen local economies.”

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