Mesut Ozil is fantastic; no backbone, no problem

Three summers ago, Arsene Wenger pulled off an impossible transfer. That was when he signed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. Everyone was shocked, myself included. This was, and still is, not the kind of business Wenger is known for. However, it was what Arsenal fans had been dreaming of for ages, so would they complain?

In his first year, Mesut Ozil grabbed all the attention for the right reasons. He added more creativity and verve to the Arsenal midfield and attack. Furthermore, he brought those assists fromReal Madrid too; Arsenal suddenly begn scoring more goals. However, injuries reared their ugly head. Ozil got laid off for a few weeks. All was not the same after that. Arsenal’s title push collapsed around him. Thus, his first season ended in defeat. Not trophyless, though, because he helped the win the FA Cup.

Next season was far better, though he still had injuries to contend with. In fact, his game dropped so bad that it got people wondering. Not that he stopped playing well, though. He just dropped from his usual standards. However, he still racked up a great number of assists, and helped Arsenal finish third in the Premier League. I wonder now, is that not good enough?

Well, maybe not, which is why Mesut Ozil turned on the style last season. In many people’s opinion, 2015/16 was the best season of Ozil’s career. In this period, he came so close to breaking Thierry Henry’s record. You know, the one that involved 20assists in a season. Tell me, how many players in the world have such bragging rights? Well, he did come close. I like to think that if the season did not end when it did, he could have broken the record outright. Nevertheless, he helped propel Arsenal to second place. If not for that pesky team called Leicester, who knows, he could have had a League Winners medal.

This season is looking just as rosy for him, too. He is not just assisting these days; nowadays he scores goals too. He already has seven goals to his name this season. My point, therefore, is that Mesut Ozil is an outstanding player. He has certainly lived up to the 35 million pounds splashed on him. This is why I find it difficult to take people like Jason Cundy seriously when they talk trash about Ozil. Imagine some dude walking up and saying that Ozil has no backbone. Arsenal fans worldwide have ceased to care at this point. Who cares about backbone when he keeps scoring goals? Goals like that screamer against Ludogorets? Forget it, bro.

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