Manchester United has a Galactico

Let’s talk about broken records.

This morning, Manchester United broke the world record for the highest amount paid for a player in the history of football. While many people see the deal as a masterstroke on the part of Man United, some people have denounced this deal as “madness”. Their reason is the money involved. Fro 120 million euros, Manchester United have signed a player who has been described by some as “erratic”, and his salary is second only to that of Cristiano Ronaldo. Where is the wisdom in this transaction?

Actually, there are plenty of positives to focus on here. Manchester United is at a point where they can realistically mount an unstoppable title challenge, and with Pogba in their ranks they look next to indomitable. Also, they have one of the best coaches in the world in Jose Mourinho, who is known fot his “win at all costs” mentality. And Pogba is coming in from a period in which he playedthe best football of his life; he won four straight Serie A titles, played in the Champions League final, and just recently, reached the final of Euro 2016. Pretty awesome for a guy that was given to Juventus for free because Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t see what kind of player he could be.

Those guys at Manchester United surely feel smart now. I can imsgine their snide faces when they look at Real Madrid and Barcelona (not that they can face them in the Champions League yet. Just saying), and they must be gloating now. But as they can not play in the Champions League yet, I advise that they should not just bask in the euphoria of having the world’s most expesive player within their ranks. There is a huge possibility that he could be the world’s most expensive flop. There’s that to think about. Also, no one knows how long he will stay fit, with the physical nature of the Premier League a huge roadblock for most foreign players. But then he was a United player from the beginning; I’m sure he can cope.

Congratulations anyway, Manchester United. Hope you enjoy your prize. Also, suck it, Real Madrid. Someone beat you to a world record signing (though I think this is just the beginning of a ridiculous record signing competition. The world has truly gone mad). Could this be the beginning of another  Galactico squad? Let’s watch and see.

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