Makeup: Caring for your brushes

makeup brushes

Your make up brushes are predictably likely the most neglected item in your makeup pouch. One of the most common beauty ethics easily ignored is cleaning out one’s makeup brushes. I am a culprit here and I know a handful of others too are.

The bristles in our makeup brushes are excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Researchers have found many forms of bacteria when looking at the makeup brushes closely, these bacteria are built up over time from old makeup, dry up and then re-enter the body through open pores in our faces when we apply fresh makeup. EEW! And then we talk about unexplained breakouts? There you go.

Apart from the fact that these brushes are damn expensive, not caring for them would mean buying some other set pretty soon –bet you wouldn’t want that- it is also a healthy beauty routine that will save you the lots that could be spent treating acne.

There are no special tricks or tips to doing this. All you need is a mild soap preferably a brush cleanser or a shampoo, running water and a towel to pat dry. Dazall.

Thank me later. Cheers.

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