Louis Van Gaal at ManU: Big Coach; Big Failure

It is no longer news that Louis Van Gaal has been sacked by Manchester United. This is a decision I think they should have made a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong; he is a great coach, but he was a failure from the start at Man United. Care to know why? Here are three reasons why he was doomed to fail.

1. Player selection

This has been one of the major issues affecting Manchester United since the departure of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. It is not like ManU had no quality players; they had plenty of them. But Louis Van Gaal made a laughingstock of the Red Devils, bringing in ineffective players like Radamel Falcao, who scored only four times in his entirely forgettable season. Another player who quickly faded under LvG was Angel di Maria, the club’s 50 million pound signing from Real Madrid. This was a player who could have won the league single-handedly for Man Utd, if Van Gaal had used him well. But he didn’t, and Di Maria was sold off to PSG, where he won the French Ligue 1 in his first season. See? The problem wasn’t DI Maria. It was his coach.

2. Playing style

Louis Van Gaal adopted a “pragmatic”, possession-based style of play. At this point, permit me to scream out loud: “RUBBISH!!!” Since when did the Red Devils play boring football? Since NEVER. I’m not a ManU fan, but I really enjoyed watching them play during the time of Sir Ferguson. Then, it was scary to face United, because they attacked with so much ferocity and vigor that you would wonder if the opposing players offended them. Now they just pass the ball around, which reminds me of a certain North Londin club that wears red… Anyway, nobody cares about “possession football” these days, especially since they are not winning any matches with it. Well, Barcelona have been winning with it, but LIONEL MESSI, guys. End of story.

Louis Van Gaal

3. Poor results

Well, we all saw how glorious it was when Fergie was the manager at Old Trafford. United could win games in their sleep, and even if they didn’t win the league sometimes, they could at least finish second, which was respectable enough. Remember 2007, when United won the Champions League ? Remember 2011, another Champions league final? Those were excellent years. Now look at how low they have sunk. They did manage to qualify for the last edition of the Champions League, but then got themselves demoted to the lowly Europa league, where they still got humiliated by some previously unknown club, FC Midtjylland in the first leg. After managing to scale through, they still got kicked out by Liverpool, in an unbelievably one-sided match. Their league performance has been unflattering, too. Well, less underwhelming than under David Moyes, but come on, United were not born to struggle. And that is exactly what they have been doing under Louis Van Gaal.

Now he’s gone. Good riddance.

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