Lionel Messi is back!

Lionel Messi Is BACK!

During the weekend, Lionel Messi announced his decision to come out of retirement to play for the Argentine national team again. In an emotionally charged moment (for me; you should have seen the way I spilled my coffee!), the Barcelona super forward announced his decision to return on Friday night, saying that he does not want to cause more problems for the already beleaguered Argentine FA and Argentine football as a whole.

I admire the little man’s sense of duty to his country. I also like the fact that he did not turn a deaf ear to the plight of his country, and he listened to the national team coach when he came to him. This is a display of patriotism of the highest order; few Nigerian footballers have that kind of love for their country (though I cannot blame them; even the sports minister does not give a damn about them). This is also a show of inner strength; Messi shows that he is willing to try again, to shoulder that burden he was pushed to cast aside by repeated failures.

Everyone needs to learn a lesson from this guy; he has inspired millions of people by his long, hard route to the top of the game. He has been a testimony of legendary proportions; and his exploits with a ball at his feet has made countless little boys hope that one day they too will be great if only they believe in themselves hard enough and work just as hard. This show of support to the Argentine FA is the beginning of many good things to come for them, I believe; maybe this period of sorrow will serve as a reminder that even the greatest in the world needs our support, and they will stand by Leo. maybe with him back on the team, the memories of those finals they lost will be erased gradually, as they push themselves harder and harder each day to avenge those defeats. maybe the will win the World Cup this time.

Lionel Messi is back for Argentina! Even though I’m no Argentine, this calls for celebration! *whips out a bottle of unnecessary champagne*

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