Fun Stuff: Linda Ikeji Social versus Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Linda Ikeji Social is an online community that was launched in 2016. It builds on the popular Linda Ikeji’s Blog by adding a social layer to it. In that sense both websites fulfill the same purpose. at the core, Linda Ikeji Social is a blog, exactly the same thing that Linda Ikeji’s Blog is. That’s overstating it; right?

Being digital marketing people here, we We are always sifting through statistics and trends to see what is going on everywhere. So, here is what the traffic trends for both websites look like. Note the pattern after the launch of Linda Ikeji Social in October/November 2016 till December 2016:

linda ikeji social and linda ikejis blog

Do you see it? The See-saw effect. It looks like the two websites have been exchanging traffic. When Linda Ikeji Social rose in November, Linda Ikeji’s blog dipped. And when LIS dropped back in December, LIB rose again. Just like a see-saw.


We know that a lot of people are silently watching to see how LIS will perform. Well, this is just the beginning. In the meantime, did you ever play on a see-saw as a kid? Fun stuff! We will be doing some team bonding soon and hope to spend some time on one. Hush. Don’t tell anyone about it. We kid around like that.

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