Linda Ikeji Blog also stole from Daily Mail, Getty and AMA Sports, says @MrAyeDee


Following Google taking down posts from Linda Ikeji’s Blog that violated his intellectual rights after he filed a complaint, @MrAyeDee has gone on to provide a trail of information to show that the issues involved are bigger than just him. In @MrAyeDee’s words, “..her [Linda Ikeji] archives are populated with stolen material, she is literally a digital magpie or the owner/curator of a museum populated with stolen art that charges an arm and a leg for admission.”

In a series of tweets, @MrAyeDee details instances in which materials from The Daily Mail website, Getty Images and AMA Sports Photo Agency were lifted and used by LIB without permission. Here is one:

He summarises the effects of LIB’s plagiarism this way:

@MrAyeDee reiterates his motive for his actions in this tweet:

We all wait to hear from Linda Ikeji’s Blog or to see what steps she will take to address these allegations and issues. We are following developments and will keep bringing you updates.

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