Let John Terry stay retired, please!

Everyone seems to want john Terry to come out of international retirement and play under Sam Allardyce. Even Allardyce himself seems enamored with the idea. I’m not, obviously, which is why I’m blabbing about it instead of writing about something more interesting, like Louis Van Gaal’s tenure at Manchester United (hardy har, people. Hardy har).

First ofall, John Terry is 36 years old. He has loads of experience, and he has played about half a million matches for the England national team; which is quite cool, and seriously makes the thought of bringing him back so interesting at the moment. That, however, is my problem with it. He has played so many matches for England, see? He does not need to play anymore. He’s old. Get it?

Obviously, it seems like a deliberate attack on the man who made so much history with the Three Lions, but it is not. I’m just making a case for the younger ones with more energy and power in their bodies, know what I’m saying? John Okechukwu Babatunde Terry has retired from international football, and contrart to what the media likes to say about 36 year old players, there has to be a time to stop. I’m surprised that he still plays (occasionally, mind you) for Chelsea; however, I’m not surprised that he gets to warm the bench more often than not nowadays. Not that he is any less a great defender than he was in his younger days, but an injury is no respecter of persons, legendary or not, and the older you get, the harder it is to recover from them. Just saying.

Also, what is Gary Cahill supposed to be doing while Terry plays? Say what you like, but I kind of like the defensive partnership between Cahill and Eric Dyer for England. It’s not impressive in any way right now, but it looks like a match-up that will become better with age. Don’t bring an old man into it, it would spoil the romance.


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