Juventus is in danger of losing the Serie A title to injury

What’s going on at Juventus?

Everyone is getting injured these days. During the Serie A match between Juventus and Genoa, Juve lost Dani Alves and Leonardo Bonucci. These guys will both be out of it till the New Year at least. These are not the only problems, however. Paul Dybala has been out of it for a while nw. Andrea Barzagli too has had to spend some time out this season. What does this sudden increase in injuries mean for the reigning Serie A champions?

For one thing, it means that they will have a torrid time defending their title. Juventus has won the Serie A five consecutive times, which is five more than anyone else. With the kind of injury list they have now, however, they will find it slightly difficult to grab a sixth title on the go like that. They are currently top of the table as usual, but this time they are just four points off of Roma and AC Milan. On a good day, one could expect Juventus to be, like, fifteen points ahead. Not that they are so perfect, though. However, when everyone is fit, Juventus kicks serious ass. Now, they just look blunt.

Perhaps Juventus need a change of fitness coach. I’m not saying that they don’t have a good coach, but when things like this happen, there needs to be a change in approach. Perhaps, their fitness coach needs to change their training regimes. The bottom line is, they cannot allow this injury crisis to derail their title push. That would be very disastrous.

There have been teams all over Europe in recent seasons who have suffered similar injury worries. Some of these teams have managed to weather the storm and get the results they needed. These are teams like Manchester City and Real Madrid, whose squad depth is second to none. There are also teams, however, that suffered an injury crisis and imploded immediately. Arsenal is a good example; in 2013/2014, the Gunners were on course for a first title in nine years. Suddenly, everyone got an injury. They ended the season in fourth place. Manchester City had a similar crisis, but the won the league nevertheless. Juve should learn from these guys.

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