InstaDrama: the danger of a single photo

Yesterday, just before I stepped out to head for Yaba where I was to speak at Campaign2Insight (#C2ILagos), a digital strategy seminar, I thought, “Oh; why not take a selfie?” It is 2014 after all, and that is what we do. We take selfies. I took a series of them and was quite fortunate that one of them came out fine enough for me to claim any semblance of sexiness. Never mind that in the other six shots that I took, I looked more like an… ah; nevermind! Anyway, here is the lucky shot:

Moverick C2ILagos

Who doesn’t enjoy putting out a flattering photo? As a pretend celeb, I promptly uploaded the photo to Instagram. Whether it is the snake eyes, the chapped lips, or my over-sized nostrils in the photo, for some reason within a few minutes of uploading, I had Insta-likes and Insta-follows from a number of handles I had never seen before. All of them were female (or pretending to be). All Caucasian females. The first of them to follow me had this line in her profile, “Don’t do married or attached!” Now, that’s a dilemma. I should add my marital status to my Instagram profile to avoid stories that touch.

Another one’s profile reads, “Love sex, playing and having fun.” Ah! A soul mate! I happen to love sex too. Shame, we aren’t going to be sharing any of that.

Instagram is a lovely place. I can be butt ugly in real life, put up one lucky shot and have half the ladies in Europe and South America drooling all over me. Yay! Sign me up for that please. Of course, I also got a few likes from my regular community who are super kind enough to like my photos regularly, my grotesque facial features notwithstanding. Awesome people!

PS: By the way, #C2ILagos was a great time. I managed to get there 10 minutes before I was due on stage after suffering Lagos traffic just because it rained. And I managed to finish my public presentation just before my back kicked in with pains. And I managed to…never mind. #C2ILagos was fun! Kudos to Abiodun Thorpe and the Rainy Lemon crew.


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