The movie, In Iredu: Macbeth or Perseus?

The very first time I watched the Nigerian short movie, In Iredu, I was struck with how it reminded me of the Greek story of Perseus’ visit to the the Graeae in the movie Clash of The Titans. I have watched In Iredu again at least five times and it still strikes me that way.

In Iredu

The three witches of Iredu share one eye

Synopsis: In Iredu

The synopsis of In Iredu is that Ogagun, a great Yoruba general, visits the three witches in Iredu to find out what the future holds for him.

Everywhere I turn, reviewers say that In Iredu is based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. While there may be some inspiration from Macbeth in the movie, there is more to it that that.


In Macbeth, there is no mention of the three witches as sharing one eye between themselves as is seen in In Iredu.

Clash Of The Titans

In Clash Of The Titans, Perseus visited the Graeae (called the Stygian Sisters) in a cave to seek their assistance. They are 3 witch sisters who shared one eye, passing it one to another in order to be able to see.

the Graeae

The three witches of Perseus’ story in Clash of The Titans share one eye.

Macbeth or Perseus? Or Both?

In the exchange between Ogagun and the three witches at Iredu, the witches pass a shared eye one to another like the Graeae did in the Clash Of The Titans movie. Their theatrics are very similar too.

The three witches of Iredu are depicted in a way that indicates some inspiration from the Graeae of Perseus’ story. In my opinion, In Iredu is a work that draws inspiration from both Macbeth and Perseus. Or perhaps it is just me.

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