I testify – Chris Adam’s Active Man is a winner with the ladies

Active Man

I am not exactly a fashion-conscious person. I wear what feels comfortable and looks good on me, even if it is from the 16th century. I don’t do raves much. So, don’t expect any flowery descriptions from me. However, fashion-wise, I know the stuff that work for me and I stick with them till they are broken. As far as perfumes go, Chris Adam’s Active Man is the ish. Let me tell you about it.

Officially described as a fragrance for the man who is “young, energetic and oozing charisma, he makes a splash wherever he goes”, I first used Active Man years ago in my much younger days. I loved it, so I stayed with it. But the gospel is embedded in one other line in the official description that says, “This one’s a winner with the ladies.” You better believe it. That is gospel. If there is one recurring comment that the ladies pass about me, it is that I smell good. And here is the secret: Active Man. Now, you ladies know what to get for your men.

I am not exactly young anymore, but I am as energetic and oozing of charisma as ever, and as long as the ladies are happy with what their noses perceive on me, I will not lack a bottle of Active Man on my dresser.

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