I like you. Do you like me? (The Dating Game)

romatic love

Dating is a very interesting activity.

I see someone I like, but she does not like me that way. So, no deal.

Someone likes me and contacts me, but I do not like her that way. No deal.

Repeat the above two scenarios through various cycles.

Finally, I meet someone I like who likes me back that way. So, we start talking and seeing, and then I realise that though I like her, she does not do it for me. Or she realises that I do not do it for her. You see, it goes beyond just liking (or love). There are a hundred and one practicalities.

Perhaps it is the conversations. Perhaps it is strong personality clashes. Perhaps our goals and worlds just do not align. Perhaps I am not neat enough for her. Or perhaps I am not earning as much as she would be comfortable with. Or perhaps she lacks a certain touch of sensuality that I desire. A million perhaps. But everyone has the right to decide what goes and what does not go for them.

So, I am back to square one. She goes back to the starting block too. Rinse. Repeat.

Sometimes, this game goes on for years. We clock 30. 35. Sometimes 40, and still no deal. And the search goes on and on. Sometimes, we strike gold and meet someone who so unbelievably fits into the picture of our every need, want and fantasy. Some call it a match made in heaven. And we live happily ever after.


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