How to get your article published on any blog (Attn: media agencies)

Yours truly happens to run a few high profile content websites, including, and this one,, among others.. Every now and then, my team is contacted by one media agency or the other who want to send in marketing content to be published on one of those sites. Of course, if you are promoting your client’s product in an article, you should be paying the publisher.

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My team received one such request recently. The post was blatant product marketing and so we responded with the applicable fee. The representative of the agency replied that it should be published for free since it was content for our website. We respectfully replied that they had it all wrong and moved on to the next.

Dear media agency, if an article is product marketing, it is NOT content for a website or blog. Permit me to help you understand what qualifies as content for a website or blog: an article that offers useful information or entertainment for a website’s readers is content. Your product promotion is NOT content; it is advertising or marketing.

Do you want to have your article published free on a digital media platform or blog? Put some work into writing something that matches the focus of that site; something that adds value to that site, something that will actually benefit the readers of that site. Mention your client’s brand or product in a very tasteful manner once or twice in the article, and you are good. That would qualify as content that publishers can put up for free. If you want to send in anything more direct or that includes links, you should have your cheque book ready.

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