Here are three of Europe’s most disappointing players

The 2016/2017 season has been exciting to watch. So far, there have been loads of exciting matches, incredible goals, and, er, some disappointing players. I could write a long list of dudes that have underperformed so far, but you know them already. I won’t waste your time, therefore. Here’s a list of the 3 most disappointing players in Europe so far:

  1. Paul Pogba: If you are willing to pay 89 million pounds for a player, then I think you would expect a billion results. So far, Pogba has done little to live up to that price tag. Even Juventus fans would cringe at the sight of his less-than-awesome displays. But for his commanding performance against Leicester, he has been anonymous.Well, maybe with time he will get better. But for now, he’s a flop.
  2. Jamie Vardy: Normally, Jamie Vardy would be on a list of Highest Goal Scorers in Europe. Not on a list of Europe’s most disappointing players. However, last season’s top scorer is not scoring just as much now. Leicester City are struggling to replicate their devastating form of last season, and Jamie Vardy is one of their most disappointing players so far. He really needs to work harder I order to shake off that “flash in the pan” tag.
  3. Paco Alcacer: When Barcelona enters the transfer market, they rarely make a mistake. They committed the perfect heist when they snatched Luis Suarez off of Liverpool. Since then, he has been a force to reckon with in the Spanish League. Barcelona obviously thought they could replicate that feat with Paco Alcacer. The striker, signed from Sevilla, was supposed to be the super backup for Luis Suarez. However, he has been anything but super. Having scored a whopping zero goals now, one wonders why he’s even there. However, he’s still a fearsome striker. I’m sure he will get better with time.

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