Help! FIFA wants to start a 48-team World Cup!

Quick, think of the worst thing ever. Is it the end of the world? An economic collapse? Brexit? Your team losing the Champions League final? Whatever you think is the worst thing to happen to the world, I don’t think it’s worth worrying your head over at the moment. There’s something more important to keep you up at night. Have you guys heard that FIFA wants to start a 48-team World Cup? Yes, guys. The horror!

Well, at least, that’s what some people think. The FIFA World Cup currently has a format of 36 teams, and it’s already a lot of fun to watch. Therefore,why add to that? Also, there are already some logistical headaches with a 32-team tournament. Otherwise, kindly explain why the only African country to ever host a World Cup is South Africa? No, it’s not racism. The infrastructural and structural requirements already will cost a small fortune. Actually, not that small, if you come to think of it. This is just to hose 32 teams of at least 28 people.  Imagine, therefore,  what it would look like if South Africa had hosted a tournament of 48 teams. They would probably just refuse to do the thing.

Also, how will they play? Will there be four more groups, or will the group members increased to six? There are eight groups in the tournament, with four teams in each group. At the end of the group stage, two teams progress to the round of 16, simple and easy. However, with this proposed 48-team World Cup thing, there will be a round of 24, after which there will be. . . what, exactly, FTFA? You guys want to copy the Europa League. Most people already don’t know what they are supposed to make of the Europa League, so they just wait till the tournament is in the round of 16. If the World Cup is going to be a 48-team World Cup like that, well, I guess it’s about time we start paying more attention to our local tournaments, isn’t it?



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