Griezmann, where’s your humility?

Antoine Griezmann came out to announce that he deserves the UEFA Player of the year award. Big thumbs up to him; he does deserve it, if you ask me. But before you all start saying that I’m changing sides now, allow me to point out a few things. Just because he was the best player of the Euros does not automatically make him the best player in Europe; there are several players lying around there who were not as good as he was in the Euros, yet they performed far better than him in their various leagues.

I’m talking about dudes like Sergio Aguero, who still managed to the goal-scoring charts in England even though he was injured for half the season. Did I forget to add that Aguero made it to the finals of the Copa America Centenario? Oh, yep, everyone forgot that, because Messi missed a penalty. Have I mentioned Dmitri Payet, who was also one of the best players in the Euros? He was also among the best players in the EPL last season, and he reached the finals of the English FA Cup. Is that not good enough? Oh, wait a minute, Angel di Maria nko? The PSG striker was one of the best performers for his club and country in both Ligue 1 and the Copa America Centenario, and he was only just unlucky to win the Copa America. Therefore, he deserves to be on this list.

So far, I have called out dudes that made it to the finals of a major competition and lost, yet contributed significantly to their club’s success. This does not take anything from the fact that Antoine Griezmann is an amazing layer; it just points out that he’s not particularly special. There are loads of players like him, and I only mentioned like 1 percent of them. I think his humility has deserted him, right before he needs it. Let him keep quiet.

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