Finding X. Seriously; still finding X

Find X equation

Who else doesn’t get the sense in always looking for x? I mean, apparently, x has been missing since I was in kindergarten and my teachers keep subjecting me to this hideous black ops task till date. “Find X”.

I don’t get it. I can solemnly swear that almost no one ever uses this function of x to make money after school. If they claim the reason we go to school is to increase our chances of better living, please show me someone who makes a living out of X! And to make matters worse, they include this subject/course in every field imaginable. That’s unfair, mbok.

I understand the need to learn basic calculating skills. That is unquestionable. But to stress on the importance of passing advance calculus and having to cram the longest formulas ever? Please! I can bet that 60% of those who study mathematics in school don’t need the bulk of the junk they are being subjected to. I know some will want to argue how mathematics improves the brain functions, but then, so do drawing and painting, abi?

Take a look around you. How many of our problems now can be solved with that value of x? There are exceptions to this, no doubt. I know that structural aeronau0tical engineers definitely need to find x constantly. But spare the rest of us artists, painters, musicians, sculptors, designers or even architects.

While we architects get to be concerned about dead load, live load, design and functionality, we don’t have to be bothered about where x is hiding. That’s the structural engineer’s job. Why would my lecturers subject me to a whooping 6 years of looking for something that I wouldn’t need? That’s like taking my parents money and giving me wrong value for it. *dialing my lawyer*

Our educational system needs to be looked into. The idea that we must learn everything isn’t helping at all. They have imported everything for us and imported course outlines too. Please our ogas at the top need to review this and develop a system peculiar to us – one that will clearly work for us. I think what we learn should be tailored towards the real course goals. One should not be studying English language, yet be subjected to chemistry.

PS: This is dedicated to all those who had extra years in school trying to pass a course that isn’t even necessary. I hope the right people get to read this.

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