Finally, the biggest Red Devils show their class

Here’s a thing of beauty. The world’s two most hyped footballers play for the same club. They have not had it easy, but they have survived. And now they are scoring goals apiece. Last night was not the night for a lot of things. But it was the night for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba. Also, Manchester United had a night to remember.

Manchester United had been in the doldrums in recent weeks. After exploding on to the top of the charts at the beginning of the season, they had been faltering. Some people could rightly say at some point that the Red Devils were merely red in the face with embarrassment; devils they most certainly were not. However, they have now won their last two matches, which is something they have found quite hard to do since they lost to Manchester City. In fact, their last twelve games had a lot of unnecessary draws. However, this is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Last night, Manchester United called upon its biggest superstars to do the thing they came for. Paul Pogba, whom I need not introduce as the world’s most expensive player, introduced himself to Crystal Palace with a well-placed goal, assisted by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The London club responded almost immediately. However, the Swedish phenomenon decided to have no mercy. He did what all fans of Manchester United have been praying for someone to do; he scored a goal. This goal  came courtesy of none other than Paul Pogba.

Well, one thing is clear from this encounter. Both players have clicked at last; they have become the unstoppable pair that Jose Mourinho wanted them to be. If they can keep this up, well, beware, ye opponents of the Red Devils. Well, let’s just hope it stays that way, and Paul Pogba doesn’t just whip out another hairstyle and ruin everything. I’ve discovered that it’s the hairstyles that make him play like a bitch. Now that he’s keeping it low and dark, he’s becoming the Paul Pogba that the Red Devils signed.

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