European league football: we watch it too much

Let us talk about football. Okay, I’m going to be more specific: European league football. Forgive me for not talking about African football. However, would you be reading this article if I was talking about ASEC Mimosas or Zesco United? You do not know anything about both clubs, that’s what I’m saying. Prove me wrong. However, you could probably write a huge book about European clubs. Therefore, this is what you get. Maybe watch our local leagues now and then, please.
Anyway, so far there has been quite some amazing stuff going on in Europe. Some of the world’s most scintillating players play there, of course, so why not? Our African bros are not left out, so we might as well cheer them on, right? Yes, please. European league football has its fair share of crazy, strange happenings, but then, everyone does. That’s not what we’re here for, though. Instead, we’re talking about the awesome, the godawful, and the unusual.

  1. The Awesome (Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Monaco): All four clubs are having the time of heir lives. Atletico and Bayern are no strangers to the top of the table. Therefore, they totally deserve their place on this list. AC Milan is experiencing resurgence under Vincenzio Montella, which is great news. The European league football world has missed them. Monaco are looking like the next Atletico Madrid, both in France and in Europe. Everyone should take them seriously. No, seriously guys, these dudes are hot stuff now.
  2. The godawful (Valencia): What’s the deal with this club? A few short years ago, Valencia was a genuine contender for the La Liga title. The only teams standing in their way were Barcelona and Real Madrid. In fact, they won the Champions League at some point. Right now, they’re looking like they need to go to rehab. 18th on the table is not so pretty.
  3. The unusual (Barcelona, Paris St Germain): These clubs have no reason to be where they are. Okay, PSG recently lost Zlatan. But they got three more players to replace him. So whats the problem? Only that you cannot replace Zlatan. Barcelona, on the other hand, have absolutely no reason to falter. Lionel Messi injured? Paco Alcacer will replace him. Anybody else injured? Arda Turan. Therefore, they have all the tools. So, what’s their problem?

Well, European league football is not happening right now. But that makes it more interesting as we look forward to its resumption. Let’s just carefully remove our eyes from the screens while our Africal leagues are playing. Right, guys? Wrong. Watch African leagues, you European league football stans.

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