English League Cup last night, and other stories

Yo, guys, the English Football League Cup continued last night. That’s one thing that happened. Many more exciting stuff took place, of course. That’s what I’m going to talk about today: the things that happened last night in the world of football.

In the English League Cup, Manchester City began their defense of the title. They defeated Liverpool in the final last time, and that was a great match. In fact, that match was unbelievably intense.  However, last night’s game was different. City were moderately efficient, and they had none of that wicked ruthlessness they normally have. But they beat Swansea 2-1,and that was a job well done.

Manchester United got off to a sluggish start in their English League Cup match against League 2 side Northampton. Eventually, though, they won.  Northampton were content to sit in their face and cause problems. However, United proved too much for them. Michael Carrick, Ander Herrera and Marcus Rashford made all the difference.

Tottenham ran riot against Gillingham last night. Granted, you might not think a 5-0 massacre on a third-tier club in the English League Cup is “amazing”, but we must admit, Gillingham tried. They played nice, interesting football. If they had faced Manchester United, they might have won. Anyway. . .

In other news, Barcelona star Lionel Messi suffered a groin injury against Atletico Madrid last night. Seriously, Atletico Madrid should stop playing against Messi. This is the second time this year they have injured him. What’s all this?

Real Madrid failed to claim their 17th consecutive victory in La Liga. They drew against Villarreal, and the usual suspects fell limp in the match. If not for Sergio Ramos, they could have lost. In fact, if not for Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid would be two Champions League trophies short of 11 right now. So they need to double his salary, sharpish.

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