Cultists rape girl in Benue; Question Pretty Mike! – RuggedMan

I’m sorry if this seems like bad news to you all. However, we live in dangerous times. News everywhere is flooded with reports of tragic happenstances. Let us not take these things lightly. We have to be vigilant. Let us take the advice of the Army: be careful of who you open your doors to. Also, women should find Pretty Mike and demand an explanation for his actions, says Ruggedman.

Suicide bombers knock on doors now, says Army

The Nigerian Army has released a statement, which explains the new tactic by suicide bombers. The report states that suicide bombers go about knocking on people’s doors. When the unsuspecting individual goes to open the door, they detonate their bombs. This has happened twice already. Please, everyone, take these things seriously. Even here in Lagos, no one is truly safe from these attacks. We have to be vigilant.

Suspected cultists rape 15-year-old girl to unconsciousness

Meanwhile, some unknown persons have committed a big crime against humanity. On January 5, suspected cultists kidnapped a 15-year-old girl in Benue state. The girl’s family reported to the police, after conducting a search in all the nearby friends’ houses, churches and hospitals. They found the poor girl during one of the search operations, while they were combing all the criminal hideouts in the area. Those evil men raped her until she lost consciousness. Guys, this is the worst thing that can happen to a girl.

The criminals who committed this despicable act must not go scot-free; in fact, I hope they get caught very soon. They deserve nothing less than the full wrath of the law; however, some part of me hopes that the girl’s father should find them first. That’s a death sentence or something worse for the criminals, but I don’t care; they don’t deserve any mercy. They have ruined the girl’s life.

Get an explanation from Pretty Mike or don’t complain to me, says Ruggedman

Meanwhile, these girls seem to have no care in the world. Lagos-based club owner Pretty Mike took them out on a leash. Again. This might be a free world, but things like this are utterly degrading to women. Ruggedman  took to his Instagram page to protest this thing. He declared that no lady should complain about anything to him on his timeline if they do not gang up to make Pretty Mike apologize. Well, I agree with him; however, like some would say, it’s none of my business. That being said, I strongly suggest that the feminists among us should find this guy and talk to him. Granted, it’s a BDSM thing, but Nigeria is a conservative country; public displays of anything shocking will only bring you negative attention.

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