Creativity Can Kill Your Blog Business

I sat down with a gentleman whose blog was struggling badly. He had come to the point that he was ready to pack things up. If you take a look at his blog, the first thing that strikes you is how it has great content. A lot of creativity has gone into it. But traffic has remained low, maxing at about 500 page views daily. And income was next to zero. What was the problem? He asked to meet with me for some blog consultancy.

creativity can kill business

How Creativity Can Kill Your Blog

As a blogger who is hooked on being creative, you may not like what I have to say on this subject. It is going to hit your ego and bludgeon your very essence. But it is the hard truth. Creative people are not known to be the best business people. Often, they are horrible business people. Their art is their obsession and they get mostly blinded to other stuff.

Did you get that? If you are a creative person, chances are that you suck at business. And this is what will kill your blog if you are running it as a source of income. Why do you think that most artistes and artists need managers? Surely, it isn’t because they have money to waste on paying those individuals.

When I realised years ago that what I cared the most about was churning out great content, I knew I had to do something to turn the tide and make my blogs profitable. I began to do two things:

  1. I started learning the business side of things for myself, and
  2. I also started searching for a business manager.

While I was learning the business stuff, I knew that content creation would always be my passion and the business would thrive better with someone else at the helms. Becoming acquainted with the business side meant that I would never be stranded again. However, there was no doubt in my mind that things would run much better with a more capable person at the helms – someone with a natural flair for business. My business alter ego.

Finding the right person turned out to be a hard task. It had to be someone with a good head for business but who also understood digital stuff. I searched for years without success. When I finally found the person who fit, everything changed. The changes were not instantaneous, but they happened.

They Won’t Come

It is a lie that if the content is great, people will come. Okay, not 100% a lie. Some people will come. Some. But it won’t bring the crowds that you are looking for. There is a science to getting those crowds. There is a science to making money.

Let Go Of The Steering Wheel

And after I found a business manager, I let go. I let go completely of my hold on business. Everyone on the team reports to the business manager. That included me. And the results have spoken for themselves since then. I won’t argue with results. Legitimate results.

Now, if anyone contacts me about doing stuff with Mobility Arena, CP-Africa, House Of Mo or CyberSchuulNews, I link them up with my boss – our business manager. Anyone who can help me run my blogs profitably is my boss. For all my creativity, I personally couldn’t do it. What do I have to lose?

Blogging For Business

Blogging for business is a whole different ball game from blogging for passion. No matter how passionate you are about creating great content, unless you match it with great business acumen, blogs with whack content will make more money than you do. It is just as simple as that. Do not let your creativity kill your blog.


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