Cold morning news: Allegri in line for Arsenal job

Top of the morning to you all, ladies and gentlemen. I see you all are enjoying the cool harmattan breeze. Good for you all; however, I recommend that you all stay indoors and stay warm. I can feel the cold getting to me already. Anyway, that doesn’t stop us from watching our favorite sport, does it? A game happened yesterday, while we were busy fending off the cold. Tottenham came from behind to beat Southampton 4-1. Yes, that’s the kind of game to liven our spirits.

There’s more news from the cold, wintery shores of Britain. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is down to the final year of his contract. However, it has not been renewed. All evidence suggests that this will be his last year in charge of the Gunners. This, therefore, means that Arsenal need to find a new coach, and they need to do that fast apparently, they have not been lazy in that regard. They have made contact with Massimiliano Allegri, head coach of Juventus. The dude himself is said to be keen to move on after winning every trophy in sight in Italy. Well, that sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, Arsenal have identified Marco Reus as a possible transfer target. The Germany international has been suggested as a potential replacement for Alexis Sanchez, whose contract talks have stalled. However, I wouldn’t go out and say that Arsenal will sign Reus, either in the January transfer window or in the summer. However, that would be asking a lot of Arsene Wenger; we all know how hard it is for him to sign players.

Enough of the British talk. Have you guys heard about Carlos Tevez recently? Well, the dude has completed his transfer to Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua. This is a 615,000-pound deal, which makes Tevez the highest-paid player in the world. Sweet, isn’t it? Meanwhile, Tevez will be joining players like Demba Ba and Obafemi Martins in the CSL club. He will be looking to add to his Premier League, Serie A and Argentine League titles. Now that would make him one of the most successful players in the world.

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