Chelsea are on the brink of becoming the new Invincibles!

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. As we all know, the English Premier League has reached its half-point. The teams have had a merry Christmas; no team had more fun this chrisms than league leaders Chelsea. Therefore, there’s an increased belief that the Blues can break the legendary Arsenal Invincibles record of 14 consecutive wins. They are just one match away from equaling that record. However, there’s this little thing standing n their way. It’s Tottenham Hotspur.

If Chelsea manage to beat Tottenham today, they would be the new Invincibles. But then, Tottenham has had a run of fantastic form of recent; their last match ended in a 4-1 thrashing of Watford. But it’s just Watford, you say. Say what you like about Watford, but they did put up a fight against Spurs. Furthermore, Spurs meted out a similar beatdown to Southampton before that, so there’s that for a retort. To cut the long story short, Tottenham seems like a real threat to Chelsea right now.

Be that as it may, however, I think Chelsea can withstand whatever Spurs throw at them. After all, Manchester United did just that when they faced them. Bear in mind that Manchester United were just coming out of a frigid period. Chelsea, on the other hand, are increasing the gap between them and the nearest club, Liverpool. Well, let’s just say that the odds lie in favor of the Blues.

However, Tottenham are capable of producing some truly awesome victories; Harry Kane is on fire right now. He just equaled a record set by Thierry Henry; he scored 59 goals in his first 100 games for Spurs. Who’s to say he won’t score more? Actually, I think I know who would do just that. Ever since Chelsea shipped 3 goals against Arsenal in September, they only conceded in three matches. well, let’s see what will happen today.

Meanwhile, I’m sure the original Invincibles with the current Gunners squad. Imagine conceding three to Bournemouth! That’s completely unacceptable, guys. Therefore, I declare Arsenal incapable of winning he league this season. They might win something else, but the league is out of their reach now, regardless of todays’ result. Also, they better hope that Chelsea beats Spurs today, or else they would drop out of the top 4.

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