Chaz B (Charles Bruce Chukuma) passes on

Chaz B

Popular On Air Personality, Charles Bruce Chukuma, AKA Chaz B, has passed on after a protracted battle with kidney disease. Chaz B is popular for his radio show “Sharing Life Issues” and had a stint with Inspiration FM before crossing over to Rhythm FM.

Chukwuma is reported to have had a successful kidney transplant in 2012. The kidney he received was donated by his wife. He passed on earlier today. He is fondly remembered by followers of his radio show.

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3 thoughts on “Chaz B (Charles Bruce Chukuma) passes on

  1. The news of his death left me devastated. So many people would miss him.

    This is a guy I listened to every evening, almost…

    It was a long battle with kidney failure. As almost always, he lost the battle.

    I don’t know a single person who has survived a kidney transplant up to five years.

    They always die..the ones I know, anyways …

    Adieu, Charles B

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