Champions League Week 2: What to expect

Guess what, guys? It’s the UEFA Champions League Week 2! Yaay! For some people, this is another means of connecting with friends and watching the great games. For some others, this is a golden opportunity to make money, in more ways than you would believe if I told you. Well, for me, it is another opportunity to express my opinions on the forthcoming matches. Will you be watching the Champions League Week 2 games? If so, look out for. . .

  1. Leicester City: Man, those dudes are a law unto themselves. They completely pwned Club Brugge two weeks ago, and then they went back home to two straight defeats. Everyone will be looking at them to steady their ship in Europe as they will be taking on Porto in the Champions League Week 2. But then, Porto are known for being notoriously hard to beat. Well, let’s see what comes out of this encounter.
  2. Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund: These two clubs were in the same group in 2012. That year, Dortmund beat Real to the top of the table. They ended up meeting again in the semi-finals, where Dortmund ripped Madrid to shreds. This time around, Real Madrid are the defending champions. They have everything to play for. I do not expect anything less than a crazy game between these two sides. Though I cannot say who will win; both clubs are experiencing varying fortunes in their domestic leagues. Madrid only just failed to break the record for the most consecutive wins in La Liga. Dortmund have scored a bucketful of goals in the Bundesliga. When two giants collide. . .
  3. Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich: Please, if you are into sports betting, be careful about the kind of bet you place on this match. Last season, everyone expected the unstoppable German champions to hand Atletico their ass. They got theirs handed to them instead. Now, they will be proceeding with caution. But then, I really do not fancy anyone’s chances against Bayern Munich. Except maybe Atletico Madrid. This is a Champions League Week 2 match that everyone has to watch. Unless, of course, you play sports betting. It would probably be better for your health if you just watch Barcelona. They, at least, are sure to make your night.

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