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Iroko’s seed investor, Bastian Gotter, steps down

Iroko today announced that Bastian Gotter, the company’s co-founder and original seed investor, is moving on from his role as COO / CFO, after four successful years at the company. The changes will take effect as of January 2017, with Gotter’s replacement, Lauren Miller, taking up the role of CFO from the company’s London office.

Nominations are now open for #YTech100 2017

​YTECH100 2017: NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN TO CHOOSE THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST IN THE NIGERIAN TECH-ECOSYSTEM It has been another year of amazing feats within the technology space in Nigeria. Without doubt, the past year has been the most important one within the technology eco-system – from Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Andela, the Nigerian techie has