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Which is better: handbag or clutch?

Women of fashion are perfectly aware that well chosen accessories can turn the most modest outfit into a spectacular look. Indeed, often the accessories are the “highlight” that are able to make a woman’s appearance very stylish, trendy and modern. One of the most prominent and dearly liked women accessory is the handbag. Most women

Lagos Fashion Design Week 2016 is around the corner

Lagos Fashion Design Week 2016 will be taking place from the 26th to 29th of October, 2016. It will involve various awesome features like the Fashion Business Series, Lagos Fashion Design Week X Retail, and a Lagos Fashion Design Week After Party. An array of Africa’s best fashion designers will be present. This season, the

The Dress Code: Whose Dress Code?

It is laughable, yet annoying, when people mistake going about their everyday life with going for an event. Not any event: a tacky, trashy event. They wear fashion items and accessories that they shouldn’t. Some ladies wear heels that they are not comfortable in, clothes that are for the Red Carpet, and then people even

Hooked by the Whiff: Tèrre d’Hermès

Do you want a scent that will get the ladies rolling? Please go try Tèrre d’Hermès pure parfum. This scent is as addictive as ‘coke’. First impressions with this baby: there’s a certain gravitas that comes with the parfum. Perhaps it’s the deeper coloration of the juice or the more pronounced price tag. Who knows?

Beauty Beat: Newest oils in town!

Cleansing oils, dry oils, face oils, body oils … After years of stripping our skin in pursuit of a squeaky-clean visage, we’ve finally caught on to the fact that oil is a good thing. Loaded with antioxidants, botanical oils soothe skin and prevent moisture loss – giving us a glowy, not greasy, complexion. The newest