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A question about the bible and slavery

I had a discussion with a friend of mine some hours ago. I had questions and wanted to get his insight into the matter. I asked him: “Why does the bible not identify slavery as an evil? Under the Old Testament, slavery was accepted as the norm and was even practised by the Jews. Under

God’s love expects something in return

If you were raised in church, you probably grew up being told that God’s love is the kind that does not expect anything in return. You probably believed it too. Hopefully, you will come to see how that statement is false in every way possible. God demands that we love Him back. He demands obedience

The bible, genocide, racism, and sexism

Does the bible contain accounts of genocide, racism, and sexism as we know them today? Does the bible tell us that the holy and good God at various times instructed His followers to carry out acts that fit today’s definitions of genocide, racism, sexism? The unequivocal answer to both questions is YES. Yes; there is