Humour: My wife left a note on the fridge

I returned home from work to find a note on the fridge. The handwriting was my wife’s and it read, “It is not working. I am tired and can’t take it any more. I am going to my mom’s place”. Worried about another round of bills for fixing it, I opened the fridge: the light came on, the drinks and everything else in there were cold. I wonder what she is talking about.

"Humour: My wife left a note on the fridge"

Marriage Humour: Trust and respect

Husband: *initiating random discussion with his wife* What channel is that TV show that Emeka mentioned yesterday showing? Wife: *obviously pissed about something* I am not talking to you. Husband: Okay. *ignores her and starts flipping through TV stations* Wife: *flustered* Don’t you want to know why? Husband: No; I trust you and respect your decision. To God be the glory. We are nothing but pencils in the hands of the Creator.

"Marriage Humour: Trust and respect"

How to get an audience for your blog posts

I received an enquiry about how to get readers to comment on blog posts. Here is the question: Please what are your suggestions as regards getting audience for our blog posts? What we do currently is to make references to the write ups on Facebook and Twitter, of which some people get to ‘like’ but no comments on the blog. One of the first challenges that most new bloggers face right after they start out…

"How to get an audience for your blog posts"

“No honey; I don’t feel like it” [A Wedding Reception Story]

Recently, I was honoured to chair the reception party at a wedding here in Lagos. Everyone knows that wedding guests really do not give a hoot for speeches, much less the chairman’s speech. No-one wants to hear the chairman’s speech at any occasion. Every time I had attended a wedding reception, I wondered why the chairmen ever bothered. Now, here I was on the spot. Whatever it was, I decided I wasn’t going to give…

"“No honey; I don’t feel like it” [A Wedding Reception Story]"