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Fiction: Vitiligo

I stand in awe, and watch the remains of a shattered kingdom. The young lie lifeless and the older ones are devoid of breath. I shed the tears of old and mourn in my sack cloth, just like the Abrahamic era. There’s no one to call out to, because even the leaders of tomorrow are

Letter to Pokemon Go creators

Dear Pokemon Go creators, You guys are fantastic. You have done an awesome job with Pokemon Go. I am a Nigerian, living in Lagos, ad I have been following the progress of the game since it was released. And boy has it been phenomenal. I hear that you guys have surpassed Twitter in active daily

Accra Loves PRINCE: Celebration of a legend

Around the world, music lovers are mourning the loss of one of our generations most legendary icons, PRINCE! The next edition of ACCRA LOVES, the themed party inspired by the music of legendary artists and icons, will feature PRINCE. The Accra Loves Prince event will consist of a screening of the semi-autobiographical classic, Purple Rain,