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Business Processes is why only 4% of Nigerian startups thrive

Recently, Sage published a report that highlights the romance between Nigerian youths (especially entrepreneurs) and disruptive mobile technology. By definition, a disruptive technology is one that changes the way that organisations and people run/approach their business. The report is an insightful read. There is a priceless nugget in the report though that isn’t highlighted, perhaps

Start a business with Facebook’s Express WiFi

TechSuplex reports that Facebook is deploying Express WiFi Hotspots around Lagos. The beauty of it is that, you can also start a business with it. Do read on to understand how it works. What Is Express Wifi? Facebook works with carriers, internet service providers, and local entrepreneurs to help expand connectivity via Wifi hotspsots to

HumanIPO shuts down January 15

HumanIPO has announced that they will be publishing their last post on the 15th of January 2015 because they have been unable to “build sufficient amount of traffic to make it an interesting business to continue.” Running a tech platform in these parts is still a dangerous and uncertain business venture. If you are doing