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The true story of SLOT founder and TECNO

Nnamdi Ezeigbo is a phenomenal gentleman and astute businessman. You may not be familiar with the name, but once I tell you that he is the founder of SLOT Systems, instant recognition happens. In recent times, there has been a story going round in the digital media space claiming that the SLOT founder is also

When your results speak for you

This afternoon, I opened another mail that came in today. It was from a corporation that wants a business partnership with MobilityArena. I know the company well. I know them well because we had approached them in the past for the very same partnership that they are now asking for. Our request was denied back

Growing Mobility Arena: behind the scenes

Growth is what every builder, entrepreneur, or business person, wants. There is no substitute for growth. Unfortunately, growth comes with pains. Whether you are growing teeth, improving and expanding social infrastructure (like roads), or growing a blog, there will be pains along the way. That is what growing Mobility Arena has been about. Going Against