Can Conte create another Messi?

Antonio Conte has promised to make Chelsea players great. I would really love to believe that would happen. But the part of it that I cannot accept is the part where he said he would make Eden Hazard great like Lionel Messi. That is quite hilarious to me. First of all, no one can be like Lionel Messi; they can only hope. The only way Conte can make him like Messi is if he teaches him a new way of avoiding taxes. Because when it comes to football, if you add Eden Hazard to a mixture of Eden Hazard and Eden Hazard, you will not get enough Hazard to make Messi’s boots. Not that he is not good; he was one of the best players in Chelsea at some point. But Messi’s boots are too big for him to fill right now.

There was a lot of nice-sounding talk put out there by Conte about mentality, heart, and patience. Those are the kind of words I would use if I wanted to trick a cripple into buying a bike; they are superfluous, and if the listener is not good enough, they make no impact. There is a different set of words I think would have been apt in Hazard’s case: “Get your fat head out of your ass and score me some goals!”

Like I said earlier, Eden Hazard is a formidable player in his own way. He just needs a whole lot of work before he ca reach that Messi level. I remember when he was at Lille, and when he just joined Chelsea. Then, people were comparing him to Messi himself; he was that good. But at that point, Messi (alongside Cristiano Ronaldo) was filling his living room with Ballon D’Or trophies. Where was Eden Hazard? If he was so good, as people say, he would have been nominated a few times. Instead he played lower than the standards he set for himself.

Conte can try to make him a better footballer. But the only person that can make Hazard great like Messi is Hazard himself. The ball is in his court.

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