Better Advice: Aim to get it right each time

Everywhere you turn, young people are being told that in order to succeed they need to double their failure rate. In other words, fail often in order to increase your chances of success.

I don’t understand this “double your failure rate” thing people are being told. For example, if our parents had given us this lame advice, we’d all have failed our exams twice or thrice or ten times in order to get into secondary school and university. Or in order to even build great businesses.

But I guess that the advice is appropriate if people are only shooting in the dark without insight into what they are trying their hands on. If you want better advice, here it is: Aim to get it right from the get go. And the only way to do that is to sit down and do some homework about whatever it is you want to do, get facts, get information, and then run along with it all. Get some experience too, if you can. Experience helps.

success - get it right

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg did not succeed with Apple, Microsoft and Facebook respectively by multiplying their failure rates. These people were focused on getting things right from the word go. If you have read up about Steve Jobs, for example, you would know he was fastidious about not just getting it right, but getting it perfect, if possible.

I can assure you that life is too short to be multiplying failure up and down, year after year. It is a very bad approach to life. You will likely wake up one day and wonder how you ended up so old without achieving anything.

Do not listen to those who want to glamorise failure. Yes; you might fail the first time, but your goal should be to get it right the first time. And should failure occur, the goal is to get it right again, not multiply your failure.

My advice to any young person who has ears: Aim to get it right each time. Do not go about shooting in the dark. Act based on research and information. Stick with this approach and you will go places.


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