The best-dressed tech bloggers in Nigeria

Tech bloggers are not generally well known for their dress sense. More likely, it is for the lack of it. Which is why a list of this sort is needful. There are a handful of tech bloggers in Nigeria with impeccable dress sense. Perhaps, we can spur some more to put some more effort into their dressing. Have a look at my list of best-dressed tech bloggers in Nigeria.

Adewale Yusuf

best-dressed tech bloggers - Adewale yusuf

Adewale Yusuf of Techpoint is a beautiful dresser. Never, ever appearing serious (except in this lone photo), his playful mien on every occasion is a delight to see. His dress style is ever simple, but it is evident that he pays attention to it.

Osarumen Osamuyi

most best-dressed tech bloggers - Osarumen Osamuyi

Osarumen of TechCabal is a fine dresser. His taste is impeccable and you will be hard pressed to find many tech bloggers in Nigeria who give it as much thought and effort as he does.

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata

best-dressed tech bloggers - Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata

Chukwuemeka (CFA) of TechSmart is often simply decked but clearly knows how to do the power thing when the occasion arises. Whatever the occasion is though, his taste shows and stands him out.

Oluwafemi Bankole

best-dressed tech bloggers - Bankole Oluwafemi

I left the best for last. In my opinion, Bankole Oluwafemi (you probably know him as LordBanks) of TechCabal redefines style in tech blogging. He is young, savvy and a natural baby boy. His tasteful, renegade dress style just makes him the cream of the crop. Actually, we might need to expel him from tech circles so the rest of us can stand a chance in the style department. How about we sell him to the fashion industry? Everyone with me, say, “Aye!”

The best-dressed tech bloggers in Nigeria: Wrap Up

The above are the best-dressed tech bloggers in Nigeria that I can point to. I am sure that there are many tech bloggers besides them who dress well. Even at that, we need many more to pay attention to their dressing. Looking good is good business, even in tech.

If you know any more tech bloggers in Nigeria who you think belong on this list, do contribute in the comments section with names and faces that you know.

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