Bayern Munich 0, Spanish clubs 1

Every person has a weakness. The same goes for groups of people; wherever you look, there’s a bunch of people who would be perfect together but for one fatal flaw. This is the case with Bayern Munich right now. They have made it to the Champions League semi final for five years in a row; this edition might be the sixth time. However, their Achilles heel seems to be Spanish clubs.
In 2013, Bayern Munich totally dominated Europe. They casually strolled to the Champions League title, beating some bigwigs like Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund on the way. Thenext season looked like a repeat performance, this time against Real Madrid. But then, Los Blancos had other ideas. A Cristiano Ronaldo- inspired performance sent Bayern Munich packing from the competition in 2014. Eventually, Real Madrid won the UCL that year.
In 2015, they could have tried again, but for the presence of Barcelona. This time around, Barca were taking revenge for the 7-0 aggregate defeat they had suffered in 2013. Lionel Messi put Bayern Munich to the sword, and made them look ordinary. Once again, a Spanish team brought the Bavarians crashing back to earth from their lofty perch.
Earlier this year , it looked like Bayern Munich were finally going to reach the final. They had avoided Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus. Even Borussia Dortmund were not there to cause any unnecessary heartache. This time, they were to face Atletico Madrid. Piece of cake, right? Wrong. They were reminded of their own mortality in brutal fashion. Atletico Madrid gave them a fight that they had never experienced up to that point. That was the kind of performance you would expect from a team with everything to prove. That tie ended in favor of Atletico Madrid; Bayern were beaten yet again by a Spanish club.
This set of happenings would make any man wary of Spanish opposition. I’m sure that the Bayern Munich players were determined to break that Spanish jinx. But yet again, they failed. Atletico Madrid beat them at home again. For all their dominance in the Bundesliga, one would almost think that Bayern would not thrive in the Spanish League. Well, they have one more chance to save their pride before the group stage ends.

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