Author: GladChic

Movie Review: The Wedding Party

I must say it again: Nollywood is definitely going to make Nigeria great. Just when you think you have seen it all in a Nigerian movie, you see The Wedding Party and your faith is renewed in our movie industry. The Wedding Party is a movie directed by Kemi Adetiba, an award-winning filmmaker and New

4 Ways Video Games Can Improve The Life Of A Nigerian

A huge majority of Nigerians have the erroneous belief that Video Games are time-wasters and that most of the audiovisual games available have a way of encouraging violence, including other social ills. Unfortunately,there is no tangible proof to ascertain this misconception, instead, new research now shows that games offer plenty of positive benefits. Wondering how

This Valentine: Does Your Boo Have a Boo?

Valentine’s Day is very much around the corner. As such, plans are already on the way for most couples to spend the day together. Fortunately or unfortunately, this year’s date is on a Sunday. Perfect! Except that some people and their boos are not mutually exclusive and Valentine’s Day is a very good time to