Author: Mister Mo

Men Are Dogs And Women Are Crazy

I would have titled this blog post “Understanding Gender Differences”, but that would have sounded like a topic from biology class back in secondary school. You know…girls and curves, breasts, bums. Boys and little johnny. Stop laughing! My little girl is going to read this blog post one day, and I have to appear as

Another Look At Marriage

Marriage. A word that has become dreaded in this generation. Everywhere you turn, people have stories to tell or fears to express about marriage. The single are shying away more and more from marriage. The married are crying, separating and divorcing more than ever. The first question that we might ask is, How did we

Love Does Not Exist

Yes; I typed those words, and I am not drunk. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead typing such. Still, take time to hear me out. You dream of love – you talk about it, tweet about it, even sing it. Everybody wants unconditional love. But it simply does not exist in the

Beyond Mobile

This is where I get to share the crazy stuff that I have in my head – and I have lots of them. I have tons of interests – music, dance, relationships, space travel, religion, culture, parenting, drama, and much more. But beyond just interests, being a polymath has its challenges. Here on my personal